Zoomy Boomy Lights the Night
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Zoomy Boomy Lights the Night

Zoomy Conquers Shyness
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A new type of childrens book that is filled with all the wonders and adventures that a childrens book should contain, but also in technical easy-to-remember rhythmic dialogue. Zoomy Boomy is about a young star that aspires to aid the world through his growth and the growth of your toddler. The author introduces young readers to a book filled with imaginative cosmic adventures, complimented with scientific dialogue, and spiritually motivated lessons. This is done by offering text that is focused on combining the concepts of evolution with theology; affording your child an early knowledge of his/her own individuality and its importance, inspiring progressive thinking, and offering a larger prospective of the world/universe. The book is written in rhyming verse so it's easier for your child to remember. This book is a must read for parents and toddlers alike! This book is the first in a series. In this episode the character Zoomy Boomy is introduced.