The Sheep Rise Up
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The Sheep Rise Up

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Mitchell Graye
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"The Sheep Rise Up" is about crimes at the highest corporate levels, and the people who commit them.
Kristen O'Hara is General Counsel of Enterprise, Inc., and single mom of a college-age daughter. Her pompous and overbearing boss, President Peter Preston, and his yes man, Chief Financial Officer Richard Axel, attempt to persuade Kristen to sign a representation letter she believes to be untrue. Their aim is to avoid the need to properly reflect a significant liability in the company's year end financial statements. If Kristen sticks to her ethical high ground, the company's outstanding long-term debt could become immediately payable, devastating the company and taking the exective officers' personal finances down with it.

Based on anonymous information, Kristen suspects that $1.5 billion has been embezzled from Enterprise, explaining recent cash shortages. Kristen seeks the advice of Frank Atwater, her former boss and mentor at a prestigious law firm. Frank encourages her to hire Steve Sachs, a longtime friend and private investigator extraordinaire who thinks of every trick in the book.

"The Guy," an underworld figure who would do whatever he deemed necessary toachieve the goals of his client, lives up to his reputation and ultimately threatens the lives of Kristen and her daughter.
The action of "The Sheep Rise Up" moves from private offices and boardrooms to public parks, jazz clubs, and hotels, with many surprises along the way.