Da Nang Postscripts
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Da Nang Postscripts

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B. F. Gaulman
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Dave Simms is a young black marine stationed at the Da Nang Air Base during the Vietnam War. Working as a supply clerk, he fights not only the Viet Cong but also everyday boredom and the absurdity of military life.
In the face of those challenges, his search for personal identity leads him through a drunken and reefer-smoking year of ludicrous encounters. Simms finds himself in perilous surroundings and yet is protected from the worst of events in many waysbut not always. The horrors of war reach even him, leaving a mark that not even alcohol fueled nights can erase. Simms rarely meets the enemy, but his worst fears arise more from what the marines might do to him. The preposterous, bloodthirsty mind-set of the Marine Corps feeds his hatred for them and his determination to leave Vietnam not only alive and in one piece but also in his right minda goal that might prove impossible to achieve.

In this military novel, a young marine serving in Vietnam struggles to stay alive and keep his sanity in the face of the brutality of war.