Milk Run
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Milk Run

A Gunner's Tale
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William E. Heichel
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Milk Run: A Gunner's Tale is the true story of William E. Heichel and his experiences flying with the crew of a B-26 Martin Marauder in World War II Europe, primarily as waist gunner and radio operator. Written in a casual style reminiscent of a journal, the story draws heavily from the author's combat experience and seeks to tell the story of life in the U.S. Air Corps without getting heavily into technical information. Several soldiers served as inspiration in discussing army life. In particular, throughout the book several references are made to George Hajek of Capone's south side neighborhood in Chicago (and his many roles on Sunday night's Lux Radio Theater) and Henry Hank Isenberg of Dorchester, Massachusetts. The author regarded these two men as the best friends of his entire life.