Greeting Others
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Greeting Others

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Serina Faciane Ph.D.
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Social stories are short stories designed to teach social and developmental skills to pre-school children and those with Autism or other Developmental Disabilities. This book, Greeting Others is a social story designed to helpyour childindependently greet others throughout the day.
Children acquire skills from social stories best when the child (or children) is part of the story. Thus, this book is written in the first person so the child can feel like the story is about him or her. Each story can be personalized by using your own photos of the child and others that interact with the child daily. The use of real photos makes the story more realistic to the child and also help the child realize that he or she can actuallydo the behaviorsparents want to see. Use of photos (versus illustrations) also allows for updating the story as people in the childs life changes, such as a teacher or new friend.

Skills are acquired and maintained over time best when the book is read regularly. Daily reading of the social story will remind the child of the behaviors that are expected throughout the day or doing critical times in the day.