A Family Affair
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A Family Affair

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I learned why my husband has not come homeSister Kimetta prophesied to me as we talked on the phone

As God had given me an assignment to write
And to this day the assignment has been out of my sight

As I have been so busy with everything else
Inspiration to write has set on a shelf

Payment for books have already been made
Million dollar poem created but I stand afraid

Afraid to ask for the price that God said
$20 was too much just rings in my head

So as I struggle for my husband to get here
Obedience to God he will be here next year

So pick up my pen and begin to write
This was the command given to me last night

As the single women things of her God
How she may please him and this is not odd

But the married women the husband she must trust
Obedience to my God I see is a must

So I have been writing all night long
As my husband beside me is where he belongs

I will get this book published then you will see
Pampoet is back as God is now pleased with me

Congratulations to you, Pam Poet, for delivering a remarkable volume of work that will last throughout the ages. Your depth as a poet and range of creativity is so moving and powerful that it leaves readers craving for more.

I have no doubt that as the world is introduced to you and your work(s), they will discover what some of us have known for sometime...here stands a great Laureate!

Kimetta A. Coleman, PC
Vision From the Inside Consulting, LLP

My sister Kimetta is one of the more awesome Women of God I know.
She has been raised from deaths bed a time or two, stroke, heart attack, cancer just to name a few. But this is a sister that is sold out for God, has the prophetic gifting, and the voice, and God given words to speak life into a dead thing, such as my poetry that had simply died/set dormant within me. Now I am ready to run and do what God has anointed me to dowrite! This conversation took place on July 28th and within a week I had compiled the poems for this publication. This came about even though payment had been made well over four years ago. A word from the Lord empowered me to do in a week when uninspired it had taken me four years.

Thank You Kimetta!