On the Wrong Side of God
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On the Wrong Side of God

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Delphia Ellen Hord
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Born and reared in jackson tenn. One of five siblings. Father deceased when age 2 and mother pregnant with little brother. Mother married again and had two children. Delphia married childhood sweet heart and after six years divorced due to his problems with alcohol. She is now divorced and a mother. I am a born again believer who loves God and his people. I ACCEPTED Jesus as my lord and savior at age 14 approximately, was baptised. Later studied jehovahs witness, hinduism. Latter day saints trying to find what I could 100% believe in. Never understanding why I couldn't see God. Why he wouldn't talk to me and prove to me he was the only true and living God. Then I began to have an affair with a man. I cared for him and he cared for me. I wanted to be intimate with him although believing it was wrong per the scripture because we were not married. So I went to the VA hospital chapel in Johnson city tenn where I was in a premedical matriculation program. I knelt at the altar and prayed. I told God that I wanted to have sexual relations with him. I did not think it should be wrong because we cared for each other. Well. GOD ANSWERED ME RIGHT THEN. All of a sudden I saw the most beautiful meadow and the sky was so beautiful. I then heard a voice that sounded like low rolling thunder. He said choose ye this day what God you will serve. When I awakened I was lying on the floor. I started crying for a number of reasons: first I heard the voice of God, second he answered me right away letting me know he was listening and concerned about little ol me and third I was scared to death I both loved and feared God. I knew he was not to be played with but to be loved and respected. He does not play. I also learned he loves us enough to give us time to come to our senses and start to love the one who loves us so much but also its dangerous to get on the wrong side of God. That day I knew he would me my God forever. I am not perfect. I make mistakes but God is my God and I will love him forever and never serve another. I will repent when I fall and get up quickly so as not to hurt God anymore. This book was revealed to me by the Holy Spirit and impressed on me a warning to the world about the effect of persistantly turning your back on God. He is the same God as in days of Noah and days of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah.