I Wish You Understood

I Wish You Understood
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Jacqueline Hughes
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As a little girl living with an autism spectrum disorder, Lily’s actions are constantly misunderstood; seemingly simple scenarios are so much more than they appear to be. Lily can’t communicate why she behaves the way she does. As time passes, she becomes more withdrawn, isolating herself from the outside world out of fear of causing more disappointment.

This picture book for children highlights her perspective, a perspective she wishes others understood. It also conveys her mother’s inner turmoil as she struggles to understand Lily’s behavior as much as Lily’s longing to justify it.

Praise for I Wish You Understood

Living with intense emotions? This book offers invaluable suggestions to better understand and manage your feelings. We can all benefit from reading this beautifully written picture book.

—Joan Flender, MD

As a young girl on the autism spectrum struggles with the challenges of her reality, her parents come to realize they must see the world through her eyes in order to help her. An emotional, eye-opener of a story that shows the ‘why’ behind the behaviors and how a little perspective can go a long way.

—Anne Baker, Parent, Educator

Jackie Hughes has written a book full of heart and empathy. Her vivid stories can be a wonderful tool for parents and professionals to open a dialogue about the way thoughts, anxieties, and sensory sensitivities can affect a child’s perception of the world. This is a book that can provide valuable insights to many parents, children, and professionals.

—Michelle DeGraff, School Psychologist

This poignant picture book challenges all of us to take a moment to reflect, to realize that situations aren’t always what they appear to be, and that opening our eyes to a different lens can be a first step in beginning to understand.

—Cora Saxton, School Psychologist

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