The Waning of the West: an Inconvenient Truism

The Waning of the West: an Inconvenient Truism
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The Political Philosophy of a Conscientious Dissenter
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Peter J. Sandys
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The Waning of the West: An Inconvenient Truism offers a comprehensive, geopolitical and philosophical commentary on global politics following the Cold War. Author Peter J. Sandys presents a series of extensive analyses on social and political movements and what kinds of challenges face the West in the twenty-first century.


Sandys gives what he describes as a politically incorrect examination of political philosophy and the socialist transformation of the West. He’s critical of the present Western political arrangement and, after analyzing the different systems, offers recommendations as to the methods of solving the readily apparent impasse. Topics include:


the screenplay of the Velvet Revolution; European federalism under German leadership; Russia’s newly found old identity; a critique of democracy; a critique of socialism; a critique of modern conservatism; and deteriorating social values.


The Waning of the West: An Inconvenient Truism delivers Sandys’ thoughts on the rejection of liberal democracy and the condemnation of the Western elite. It goes on to outline a new system termed “the essential option” that has the manners, values, and qualities associated with meritorious aristocracy and is intended to gently steer Western culture and politics onto a more sustainable course.

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