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Kennedy Seagrave
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After twenty-six years in the fire service, author Kennedy Seagrave came to realize that many of the tactics used in firefighting could be helpful in fighting metaphorical fires in everyday life as well. Now she seeks to share the wisdom she gained over the years, while telling her story along the way.

Backfire provides a series of practical strategies and problem-solving approaches that can be applied to anyones life, in a wide variety of circumstances. For example, small decisions made correctly can make a tremendous difference in life. Identifying the significance of choices is also essential. Embracing a size-up outlook in life can help you to disregard the often overpowering distractions and evaluate the situation before you make a decisionwhether its entering a burning building to save a life or deciding which college to attend. From the initial sizing up of the situation to the postincident analysis, each step offers methods for dealing with the difficult situations in life based in the techniques used by firefighters every day.

Based on the personal narrative and knowledge of a firefighter with more than two decades of experience, this self-help guide presents problem-solving strategies for all people.