Love That Lasts a Lifetime
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Love That Lasts a Lifetime

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Bill Kyne
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Many people move through life searching for, hoping for, and praying for true love. Throughout the course of his blessed life, Bill Kyne has had the distinct pleasure of finding the special kind of love written about in songs, movies, and poems.In a touching memoir, Kyne shares the story of how he found loveor it found himas well as how he lost it. Kyne begins by revealing his experiences as a young man as he spiraled downward into a life of darkness that included motorcycle gangs and addictive and risky behavior. As he leads others through his life story, Kyne not only discloses how he found his way back into the light, with help from a beautiful woman who proved that love sometimes comes when we least expect it, but also how he lost love and recovered. Through candid ancedotes and inspirational advice, Kyne invites all of us to see how with hope, love, and faith, we too can reach the highest mountain tops and survive the deepest valleys of despair.
Love That Lasts a Lifetime shares the true experiences of a Christian man as he learned to create a life inspired by love and Gods grace.