Medicare Basics Today
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Medicare Basics Today

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Florence M. Gogel
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What do you do if you receive a bill for a Medicare wellness exam or are charged for preventative care that should have been fully covered?
Your response to such unwelcome surprisesas well as the many steps you take along the waycan have significant implications for your wallet and health care options.

In this simple, one-stop guide to Medicare, the author draws on her more than thirty years of experience helping patients with their insurance and benefits coverage to help you respond to these and other scenarios. Learn how to:

navigate questions related to eligibility and enrollment;

avoid mistakes that limit health care options;

evaluate differences among supplemental Medicare plans; and

take cost-effective steps to promote physical and mental well-being.

Medical providers are in the business of treating your healthnot serving as your insurance benefits adviser. Take charge of your wallet, understand recent changes to Medicare, and expand your treatment options with the essential guidance in Medicare Basics Today.