Cupcake and Noodles Go to Kenya
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Cupcake and Noodles Go to Kenya

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Angie Stubbs
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Cupcake and Noodles Go To... is a childrens book series for kids aged preschool to second grade. The books are the real-life adventures of two American sisters, Cupcake and Noodles (their nicknames), as they travel the world with their mom and dad and learn about other cultures. Sometimes, other family members tag along! When the girls traveled to Kenya, Cupcake was two years old, and Noodles was one.Come along and grow with Cupcake and Noodles as they learn and share about the world. These are the lived experiences of the girls. The places you read about are the actual places they visited with their parents. The illustrations in the book series are animated versions of actual photos taken by Cupcake and Noodless parents on their trips! Some of the text reflects the actual words or expressions of the girls.
Have fun learning about the beautiful places in the world through the eyes of children who have experienced it. For moms and dads, there is a handy guide at the back of each book with the websites of each of the places visited in case you want to take your family on this same adventure. Stay tuned for upcoming books on New Zealand; Spain; Washington, DC; Chile; and New York. Lets roam the world together!