Patched up Parenting
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Patched up Parenting

A Guide to Co-Parenting
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Angela J. Dunne J.D.
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Whether a person initiates or responds to a divorce, every part of that persons life is about to change. Parenting, family relationships, finances, friends, personal belongings, residences, job performanceall are affected. Nothing remains untouched during divorce. As a divorce attorney, author Angela Dunnes job is to help people navigate through an uncertain, difficult journey that affects both parents and their children.
Co-parenting in two separate homes is tough. In Patched Up Parenting, she offers a guide to help overcome the challenges of post-separation parenting, and she shows how it can be easier and better for your children as she shares real life experiences of her clients and her post-divorce life with her two daughters. From how to tell the children about a separation, to how to carry on when you dont think you can, Dunne provides a powerful perspective. She shares stories of toppling Christmas trees and tough times while focusing on the children. Her lessons learned from her many teachersher clients, children, and co-parentacknowledge the pitfalls of divorce while inspiring parents to be better and do better for their children.

Patched Up Parenting presents practical advice and tips and empowers mothers and fathers to parent better no matter the circumstances.