Focusing Ability: Educational Success
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Focusing Ability: Educational Success

A Helpful Guide for the Parent and for the Classroom Teacher
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Jan R. Knight
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If you have a child or student who seems academically unmotivated, disinterested, and who has a tendency to give up . . .
Dont allow it!

The problem may be that they have focus disabilities that can be remedied at home and at school. In this guide to helping students, a retired teacher and counselor with forty-two years of experience shares practical strategies to:

revise your approach based on a childs learning style;

help children focus on the task at hand;

find the best place for a child to study; and

establish routines that promote success.

Before you start testing a child for Attention Deficit Disorder or other serious problems, you must give them a chance to focusand this means showing them how to do it.

Whether youre a parent or a teacher, youll find straightforward guidance that can change an underperforming child into a bright student poised for success with the lessons in this book.