I Rise
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I Rise

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J. G. Jakes
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Sarah Cole is hired to clean up operations at Safe Families, an organization designed to counsel and assist young mothers on their road to recovery. Upon her arrival at her new job, she finds herself in a devastating situation. The office of Safe Families has been poorly managed and could be the cause of clients slipping through the system and out of recovery.
Alarmed and angry, Sarah reluctantly begins work with Paul Hines, the local district attorney. Together, they hope to stop the festering drug problems that can lead to child neglect and the death of innocent children. Tensions surface when they embark on this combined effort as Sarah wrestles with the fact that Paul is an obnoxious flirt.

Slowly, Paul realizes what a cad hes been as his attraction toward Sarah turns into something more serious. Sarah recognizes his sincerity in wanting to rid the town of its drug problem, and they find a peaceful coexistence fighting the scourges of drug culture. In this midst of their overwhelming task, what could Sarah lose? It looks like plenty, including her daughter, Gracie, who has stumbled in a dangerous and life-threatening situation. As feelings grow, will Sarah accept Pauls affections and love win out? Or, will hearts break?