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Elizabeth Pipko
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Clear and direct as song lyrics, these poems possess a rare power: to console and inspire readers who, like the ice skating competitor who wrote them, know what its like to feel cold inside.
Julie Kane, winner of the National Poetry Series and 2011-2013 Louisiana Poet Laureate

Charming and thoughtful poems for young adults coming of age as they find their ways in the world.

John Balaban, Recipient of the 1998 William Carlos Williams Award from the Poetry Society of America

These poems have a lovely music to them, expressing the innocence and heartache of young love. Read as a group, they tell a story of a young woman who can lose herself in romantic needs and fantasies, and yet recover from this self-erasure by discovering how to love herself.

Terry Ehret, author of Lucky Break and Night Sky Journey and winner of the Pablo Neruda Poetry Prize

Elizabeth Pipkos emotionally candid poems invite us to share in her personal coming-of-age journey as she confronts love and loss for the first time. Though this book is geared toward teen readers, its themes will resonate with anyone who has navigated heartbreak and emerged with a strengthened sense of self.

Caitlin Doyle, Winner of a Dorothy Sargent Rosenberg Poetry Prize and the Anne Kaufman Poetry Prize through the National Foundation for Advancement in the Arts