Memoirs of a Back up Diva
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Memoirs of a Back up Diva

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Kudisan Kai
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Taking up where the Oscar-winning documentary 20 Feet from Stardom left off, Memoirs of a Back Up Diva chronicles the enigmatic journey of a background singer, offering narrative of behind-the-scenes experiences on the road and in the recording studios with legendary icons in the music industry.
Author Kudisan Kai tells how she got started in the career, explains what it takes to sustain and succeed, and passes along the lessons she learned during the process. She shares the ups and the downs of following her dream of becoming a professional singer.

Poignant and personal, Memoirs of a Back Up Diva delves into the psyche of an artist, detailing her extraordinary career and its overwhelming impact on her personal life. She offers her story to inspire others to take chances in their life. Her story proves everything is possible; there is no shelf life to pursuing ones dreams.