The Triplet
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The Triplet

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Don McBurney
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The Triplet is a story of how God elevates a humble orphan and makes of him a child of God, adopting him into God's royal family. Gil Webster, a young boy left orphaned during the Middle East conflict before being adopted and raised as an American citizen in Iowa, grows up and heeds the call to military service following 9/11. Once stationed at a large NATO base in Turkey as a translator and intelligence officer, Gil joins an undercover operation tasked with discovering and interdicting a drug supply chain, but he also becomes intricately involved with the revaluation of Iraq's new currency, the dinar. Yet he meets two fellow soldiers and friends along the way, Kamal and Tuo, who work with Gil on their mission and on their faith, despite their differences.Some seek greatness only to have it elude them because of their very ambition. Others, who are more humble, do not seek greatness only to find they have achieved it, especially in God's eyes. Against the unlikely background of conflict, terrorism, and political intrigue, three soldiers will come together in faith, as God once again uses an unlikely person to actively witness for Jesus Christ.