5 Key Steps to Writing the College Admission Essay
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5 Key Steps to Writing the College Admission Essay

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Dr. Mitali Chaudhery
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You're about to finish high school, looking forward to the new journey where you really can begin defining your life, its direction, and fulfillment. You may experience moments with complete excitement and nervousness; other moments might consist of exhaustion--after all, you've just finished twelve years of schooling, and now you are facing more years of education. With that higher education comes applying to colleges and the college admission essay.In 5 Key Steps to Writing the College Admission Essay, author Dr. Mitali Chaudhery presents a hands-on guide to help you compose a thoughtful, organized, mature, and well-written college application essay. It provides the major steps in preparing, constructing, developing, and refining the essay and leads you through each step with recommendations, strategies, and visualizations of your journey to write the unique, original, and befitting essay for each college of your choice.
5 Key Steps to Writing the College Admission Essay offers a concise but comprehensive guide to writing the college application essay while imparting the importance of hard work, including scheduling enough time, finding a meaningful and impactful theme, and polishing the writing.