Faith in the Field
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Faith in the Field

A Historical Theological Perspective on Mental Health
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Sabas Hernan Flores Whittaker
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Although mental illness has not been eradicated, the move to equate mental illness with a physical legitimate illness has resulted in greater understanding on many aspects as to the particular course of the disease. In spite of the difficulties that remain, mental health treatment has come a long way.

Faith in the Field provides a historic, sociological, theological, and research-based perspective on the treatment and study on mental health. It points out the challenges within the field and confronts the political, socioeconomic, theological, scientific, and cultural adversities facing advances in mental health treatment. It also attempts to help eliminate the stigma associated with mental illness and those who suffer from it. Combining approaches from psychiatry, psychology, sociology, theology, and nursing, this study aims for a middle ground upon which to build a levee that might ameliorate existing barriers to treatment. Author Sabas Hernan Flores Whittaker, building on his thirty-year career in health care, offers a unique outlook on this timely topic.

This multidisciplinary study considers numerous aspects of mental health treatment from various perspectives, seeking a unified approach that could benefit all.