Gertie the Goose Wants to Vamoose
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Gertie the Goose Wants to Vamoose

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Kelly Scott McWilliams
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Gertie the goose is not satisfied with her life. Even though she has wonderful friends that include Samantha the swan, several Rhode Island hens, and a duck named Dolores, she does not like the cold and rain on Chesapeake Bay. Gertie wants to see the world.
After Gertie flies southward on an adventure to find the perfect place to live, she soon spots a beautiful lake and lands on it. But even though the food is scrumptious, the temperature is grand, and all her new friends are welcoming, Gertie still feels sad. After she sets off again to find an even better spot, she finds a lake that appears to be the best place to live ever! But is it really?

In this delightful rhyming story, a determined goose searching for the perfect living situation discovers that her most marvelous place in the world is not where she expected.