Demystify Sin 3.0
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Demystify Sin 3.0

Overcome Darkness
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Demystify Sin 3.0: Overcome Darkness is without ambiguity. It clearly explains simple techniques to achieve all our spiritual aims inside divine purpose. It espouses truth clearly without fear, compromise, or concession to any opposition.For Demystify Sin 3.0: Overcome Darkness, there are no shades of gray where truth is concerned. Truth is black and white and is written in scriptures. It is polite and expressed with decorum, yet it is the rude antithesis of all political, social, or cultural correctness where truth, the commandment and will of God, are concerned.
It is a message given not to condemn us but for our benefitto show us how to grow spiritually as the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus and achieve the sanctification of our vessel unto holiness.
It holds critical yet practical information for us all to individually deliver ourselves from the kingdom of darkness and power of Satan, spiritually prepare for the peak of darkness and long war ahead, work out our salvation, and avoid the capitulation and perdition that beckons on all.
It is for those who wish to understand faith in Jesus Christ and use it to effectively overcome the darkness (nothing else can), fulfill divine purpose, and exercise and assert full authority over all the powers of the kingdom of darkness.
Demystify Sin 3.0: Overcome Darkness is a dagger in the side of the darkness. All who can get a good handle on it will have its lord and master (Satan) on his knees at their feet.