Living with the Scarlet Letters
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Living with the Scarlet Letters

When Life Manifests Evil Spoken
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Connie T. Blake
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Author Connie T. Blakes life is a work in progress, constantly being designed by Gods hand. With each passing year, she realizes that Gods protective arms have been her shelter and strength. Now she seeks to share her story in the hopes of guiding others to overcome their life challenges.
In October 1995, Blake, a forty-four-year-old divorced mother of two, found herself feeling faint. A trip to the emergency room and subsequent tests revealed that she was HIV positive, the result of a brief relationship five years in the past. Over the next several years, Blake faced numerous health challenges resulting from the virus. But with the help and love of her church family, she experienced miracles and wonders and began to work her way back to health. Through collective displays of compassion and love, Blake believes that generational curses, such as child molestation and domestic violence, and societal ills, such as addiction and HIV/AIDS, can and will be broken.

In this memoir, one woman shares her personal testimony of illness, recovery, and triumph through faith in the face of overwhelming odds.