The Time Is Now
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The Time Is Now

The Teachings of Ayahuasca
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Isa Mea
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ABOUT THE BOOKAuthor Isa Mea shares with us her personal journey, navigating altered states of consciousness through working with the sacred plant medicine Ayahuasca and other teacher plants of the Amazon rainforest for over a decade.
She explains the relevance and importance of plant dietas as a means of establishing connections with guides and teachers from other realities. These plant spirits teach us about ourselves, our place in the world and how to heal our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wounds. The potentials of these plants were discovered by Indigenous cultures, as they developed the practices of communicating and learning from other realities.
By the principles of giving and receiving, the time has come for all cultures to unite and afford indigenous peoples the recognition and respect they deserve for their knowledge, their right to self-determination and the protection of their environment. Only then can we fully appreciate and understand the true meaning and importance of their knowledge.
United as one human family, evolving through wisdom and understanding of the interconnectedness of all things, we may finally reach harmonious ways of living, enabling us to grow and expand the life force of the planet.