On Hope and Knowledge
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On Hope and Knowledge

A Skeptic’S Response and Other Reflections
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Joseph Milana
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Who are we?
Where are we?

How are we to behave?

These are the questions of a curious mind, and for many who increasingly find themselves unsettled by the unmooring of the modern age, ancient answers to these questions have become less and less satisfactory.

In On Hope and Knowledge, author Joseph Milana shares an insightful collection of essays exploring our place in the world, seeking out contemporary philosophical answers informed by science and history. Starting with some perhaps unusual insights on the history of science, Milana builds to broader questions of knowledge, of the known and the knowable, of God, of justice, and of love; he also explores our tendency to doubt, explaining it as both a guiding principle and a replenishing source of our humanitya humanity that is confronted with increasingly frail and receding ancient wisdoms.

The curious mind seeks answers from the varieties of human experiencefrom history and religion to mathematics and science. Our lives are a constant attempt to synthesize all of these elements together to the best of our abilitiesto find our place in the world. Hence philosophy; hence this effort now.