The Making of a Servant
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The Making of a Servant

Anchored in Vietnam
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Sam James
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What causes a family to decide to leave their familiar surroundings of home and move to a foreign country where they know no language, no customs, no culture, and have no acquaintances among the people of that country? What is it like as a servant of God to live in the midst of a vicious war that erupts anywhere, anytime, without warning? What happens when one faces sudden death three times and experiences the peace of absolute trust in God and total obedience to him? The lessons learned, the shaping of character through the stresses of life, experiencing the process of being molded into a servant of the Lord is what this book is all about. Such experiences are at times painful, yet exhilarating, meaningful and filled with peace and joy because we are in the center of his will. God gives us our being and leads us in our becoming. The greatest peace is when we discover who God wants us to be, and we are engaged in doing what he leads us to do! This is an on-going process.