The Choice Maker
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The Choice Maker

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Hamid Rafizadeh
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We all feel it. To fit in is difficult; to run away is impossible. The only alternative is to manage, yet something significant is missing. Ancient knowledge has disappeared, as if no one will ever find it, but the divine intervenes, rebooting the current existence into a new and unexpected one. The divine voice unravels the ancient curse of ignorance placed on humans by humans, stretching back to millennia and beyonda primal evil that threatens everyones life unless one listens to the divine voice. But where is that voice?
The Choice Maker offers clear ideas about the shocking realities that compel and engage humans to manage force and resources differently in relation to their place in earths different versionsone presently precarious and fleeting, and the other arriving with unseen power and ferocity. Author Hamid Rafizadeh pinpoints the divine voice in the Sermon on the Mount, which is critical to human life, survival, and well-being. The Sermon on the Mount is universal knowledge for everyone, not religious knowledge for select believers, and it can reveal to us a truth about life in both the current blue-skied earth and the new canopied earth that is coming soon.

Are you willing to go on a profound journey? The one crucial to every humans life? The one recommended by the divine? Probably not, and history is on the unwilling side, yet The Choice Maker insists on showing you the way and the reasons for taking this journey.