The Sucker Punch of Sharing
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The Sucker Punch of Sharing

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Hamid Rafizadeh
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Every persons existence has its origin in a balance of four elements: brute force, resources, knowledge, and direction. Yet in the evolving landscape of modern-day life, when no one lives a balanced life, everyone suffers.
The Sucker Punch of Sharing explains the balance all human beings need to have in their lives, and it shows how human beings can become free. Author Hamid Rafizadeh teaches you how to manage obligations of freedom, and he shows how obligations can be shaped so that you can do what you always wanted to do. With this new understanding, you can receive tremendously detailed and thorough accounting of how to manage the woven tapestry of force and resources in your daily life.

The dense forest of knowledge and the deep fog of ignorance must be managed together if human beings are to climb to higher levels of existence. Nothing is guaranteed, as awareness can always come with stumbling down into the lower levels of existenceand even returning to the fog that never lifts. So even as you begin to see the truth of things, the challenge of development and maintenance remains.