Here Comes the Watchman
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Here Comes the Watchman

Book 1—Getting Started
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Hamid Rafizadeh
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Dr. B is a business professor working in the middle of a war zone. Everyone around him seems concerned as explosions surround his location on a military base, but Dr. B remains calm. He is also a CIA expert who understands how brute force is used against humans and, more importantly, how it can be countered and neutralized.
While Dr. B secretly manages warring Iraqi tribes and rebel groups, a close friend and professor, Nora Darcy, partners with him to teach management fundamentals to a CEO of a large corporation. When by accident Dr. B is caught by the rebels, he must decide if killing his best student is the only way to manage force. But as soon as his path unexpectedly crosses with that of a little girl who sees him as father, the connection forces him to reexamine every truth he has known, taught, and practiced about the constructive and heartening ways of human life.

In this complex psychological thriller, a professor turned CIA expert and surprising young heroine must grapple with rebel forces as brute force, emotions, and love emerge and transform everything.