Throw Like a Girl
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Throw Like a Girl

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Emily Costantino
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Lauren Loretti is a young girl who loves football. On Sundays in the fall, she spends the afternoon with her dad and her brother, Dave, yelling at the games on television.
But school is a different story. There, she struggles to make friends and the other children tease her because shes not like the other girls in her class. They dont understand why she likes football so much and why she wont wear dresses, and the boys wont let her play flag football with them. Then one day at recess, a football lands at her feet, and Lauren gets the chance to show that gender does not define the interests and talents a person possesses. By staying true to herself and to what makes her happy, Lauren shows everyone the true power of throwing like a girl.

In this childrens story, a girl in third grade who loves football teaches her classmates that there are no limits to what girls can do.