Carrying the Flame
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Carrying the Flame

A Hero in My Heart
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Elizabeth Schloemann
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Our fallen heroes make the ultimate sacrifices for our country. At home, their families make a silent sacrifice. Death can be difficult to process and even more difficult for children to understand.In her book, Carrying the Flame: A Hero in My Heart, author Elizabeth Schloemann explains honor, pride, grief, and every emotion in between to the children left behind. The book helps surviving families deal with and accept how they feel. They will learn it is all right to be angry at the lost family member as well as to be sad. This story also invites children to remember their fallen heroes through play and special memories.
Told in verse, with illustrations by Steven Adams, Carrying the Flame: A Hero in My Heart will comfort those for whom the country owes a deep expression of gratitude for the service of their fallen heroes.