Character Building
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Character Building

The Abcs of Building Depth and Strength of Character
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Jim Boeglin
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Pick any letter of the alphabet, and youll find building blocks of character.For instance, A is all about attitude, authority, authenticity, and awareness. Skip to K, and youll find kindness, knowledge and karma.
Every letter of the alphabet includes important lessons in building depth and strength of character, and Jim Boeglin explores some of the most critical qualities to develop in the second book of The Bike Writer trilogy.
While some seem to have been born with an innate sense of character, for most people, character is an acquired trait. It is the result of a continuing effort to do the right thing, choosing thoughts and actions that are strong, confident, brave, kind, loving, helpful, and positive.
We only need to look to the past to find role models with strong, deep characterpeople like George Washington, John Adams, Abe Lincoln, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, Margaret Thatcher, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Mother Teresa, and Gandhi.
This lively collection of essays about qualities that build characteras well as those that undermine itis a must-read for anyone seeking to learn profound lessons on life.