The Interrogators’ Guide to Depositions, Investigations, & Discovery
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The Interrogators’ Guide to Depositions, Investigations, & Discovery

What Civil Trial Attorneys Can Learn from the World’s Best Interrogators
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John Morgenstern Esq.
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Captain John Morgenstern served in many roles in America’s War on Terror during his military career as a JAG officer in the U.S. Army.

While overseas, he saw the most effective and successful interrogation and investigation methods, and during his civilian law career, which includes defending officers accused of civil rights violations, he’s developed expertise on public law enforcement methods.

In this guide for civil trial lawyers and investigators, he shares the most effective and appropriate ways of communicating with witnesses and deponents to obtain truthful, reliable, and verifiable testimony and evidence to help make your case.

Morgenstern also examines historical, time proven methods of gaining information, including the techniques used by the father of the U.S. intelligence gathering system, Hanns Joachim Scharff, during World War II.

You’ll also learn how to use personality profiles, read body language, and exploit other indicia to conduct effective depositions and interviews, including with children, disabled and infirm individuals, and uncooperative witnesses.

Get the practical skills you need to prepare for depositions, and maximize your chances of enjoying productive encounters with witnesses with The Interrogators’ Guide to Depositions, Investigations, & Discovery.