Duluth the Dragon
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Duluth the Dragon

The Bully Has a Ball
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Devon Buffett
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Duluth the Dragon has been a bully all his life. A habit he learned from his uncle, he thinks bullying is funny. But his bad behavior is negative and damaging to the order of the universe. The Dragon Fairy has been assigned the job of stopping Duluth from bullying. She regularly flies to Dragon Land to see what she can do to change his bad habit.
In this third tale of Duluth the Dragon, Fairy invites twelve-year-old Garret, a boy with soccer skills, to help her teach Duluth something new. By distracting Duluth, they hope to put an end to his bullying behavior.

This delightful tale of adventure and imagination shows how one kid can make a difference in the battle against bullying.

Praise for Duluth the Dragon: The Bully Has a Ball

Duluth the Dragon balances the real world and the fantasy world well.