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Clawing Through the Back Doors of Show Biz
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Arturo Armand Hammer
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Theres no business like show business, and Arturo Hammer knows that firsthand. From the hard-drinking fields of Northern California, to the soft entertainment fields of Hollywood, and from the orchards of the Big Apple to the jungles of Indochina, Hammer goes on a drug-fueled, sex-driven, high-intensity journey through the 1960s and beyond.No Business follows the wildly unpredictable exploits of Hammer as he pulls back the curtain on the entertainment world to reveal the players and machinations which have come to define the United States and the world at large. With his less-than-humble beginnings in Northern California agriculture, Hammer shares the anecdotes and colorful stories from his life, including a romp through Hollywoods cult of celebrity, New Yorks commercial art explosion, and the international music scene before finding himself cast into the dark nether regions of international narco-politics and the expanding brutalities defining post-war America.
Engaging and outraging some of the biggest names in show business, Hammer gives show business a serious run for its money.