Hell & Back
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Hell & Back

Wife & Mother, Doctor & Patient, Dragon Slayer
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Tali Lando Aronoff MD
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A hilariously funny and informative memoir to guide breast cancer patients, their families and friends through the rocky terrain.Dr. Aronoff is the perfect Sherpa. Impossibly deep armpits, wigs named Brenda, nipples shaped like bullets and when to play the C-card. These are some of the things they never tell you about breast cancer.
In this uplifting and poignant tale, Dr. Tali Lando Aronoff shares an honest account of her journey through the various stages of advanced breast cancer and beyond. As a pediatric ENT surgeon and mother of two toddlers and an infant just out of the Neonatal ICU, she was blind-sided by her cancer diagnosis.
This well-crafted and appealing book uses small-bite storytelling to explore heavy topics such as body image and complex relationships with friends and family. Dr. Aronoffs voice is unique and relatable combining the knowledge-base of a physician and the personal insight of a patient.
This is the book for the recently diagnosed, those in the thick of it or those who are finished with the battle, their family and friends and everyone else in between, including the doctors who care for them.
Candid and honest her perspective as a doctor shines through heart-warming filled with truth I laughed out loud. Patients will surely benefit
Subuhee Hussein, MD, Oncologist
Loved it. Totally relatable and informative. F*@ck Cancer!
Sara C., Breast Cancer Survivor
Health care providers can learn a lot from reading this It is so important to understand the full impact of this illness on the patients we care for. Dr. Lando Aronoff is a surgeon and outstanding writer.
Carolyn Wasserheit, MD, Oncologist