Tom’S Mri Space Adventure
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Tom’S Mri Space Adventure

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Leslie Kumer Ed.D
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Tom wasnt wearing his helmet when he fell off his bike and hit his head. He had to go to the hospital. The doctor tells Tom he is going to have a test called an MRI, like an x-ray, he explains. The MRI takes pictures of the body to see whats going on inside. Tom is afraid, but the doctor tells him to pretend hes an astronaut about to take off on an important mission to Mars.
Toms MRI Space Adventure helps childen have a positive experience by explaining the MRI procedure in child-friendly language.

Praise for

Toms MRI Space Adventure

Great story! This will alleviate every childs (and adults) fear of an MRI. Required reading for all junior astronauts before an MRI.

Dr. Richard Meltzer, New Jersey

Fabulous story, an imaginative way to introduce children and alleviate the anxiety associated with what is becoming an all too frequent diagnostic procedure.

Dr. Richard A. Salman, New Jersey