Along for the Ride
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Along for the Ride

Scenes Through a Moving Window
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Elizabeth Samuels
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Along for the Ride is an anthology gleaned over the years from a collection of assorted kinfolk, friends and critters.
Part One of the book features Bipeds I Have Known and Loved, most of whom are part of the collection of Siblings, Cousins, Moms and Grandmas, Aunts, (thats not Ants, its Aunts), Uncles and their significant (or perhaps not so significant ) others that comprise our talented, happily zany Family. It is drawn from the lore surrounding kith and kin that persists and is sometimes even (gasp) embroidered upon especially when cousins are gathered in the family circle, tellin tales and swappin lies, well-lubricated by Sister Skits mint julep recipe.

Part the Second has to do with my years as young Wife and Mom, and my very rocky evolution into Housewife. Sprinkled through Parts One and Two are an assortment of Friends and Neighbors, some fascinating of themselves, some having a couple of endearingly loose screws that make them fine grist for this mill.

Part the Third is about Quadrupeds I Have Known and Loved, with an occasional nod to the Avian Set and even to a No-Ped I have become attached to, aka Big Jim, the Esther Williams of the herpetological set.

Hope youll join me and come Along for the Ride.