Bent . . . Not . . . Broken
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Bent . . . Not . . . Broken

A Story of Survival
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J. C. King
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The author confronts the memory of his toxic family and horrific childhood in Bent Not Broken.
He thought his life would get better after entering foster care, but it wasnt much better than where he had been living.

Mr. Gibson chain-smoked cigarettes, and Miss Agnes always smoked nasty cigars. Whenever he had to walk into the smoky room, he coughed profusely. Every two days, some kid delivered beer to them, which they drank morning to night.

While hed eventually be introduced to a new mama and other family members and move to Mayville, Louisiana, life would continue to deal him pain.

But while hed receive scars and wounds, the obstacles propelled him to new levels of courageand in his memoir, he shares how an inner voice guided himwhether he was in the classroom, serving in Vietnam, battling an addiction to alcohol, or working as a civilian.

Join the author as he confronts the demons of his past and looks back at overcoming the odds to enjoy a happy family life and multiple successful careers.