Lessons from C. S. Lewis
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Lessons from C. S. Lewis

Becoming an Evangelical Apologetic Disciple for Christ
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Harvey E. Solganick Ph.D.
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C.S. Lewis has influenced countless Christians in their preaching and evangelical witness from the pulpit today, and he is the most quoted Christian across several Protestant denominations, known for his wit, insight, and perspectives on Christian issues from life to deathand beyond.
In Lessons from C. S. Lewis, author and professor Harvey E. Solganick presents C. S. Lewis from an evangelical perspective concerning his stand on philosophical and ethical issues relevant to evangelical Christians today. First providing a compelling history of Lewiss youth and spiritual maturation, Dr. Solganick also considers some of the unexplored tenets of C. S. Lewiss literary, philosophical, and theological legacy, focusing especially on the implications of Lewiss work for evangelism and discipleship.

How did this one man influence so many readers of all ages and backgrounds, from the most highly educated to the common layperson? How did this man, his life, and his writings help atheists, agnostics, humanists, reluctant converts, mystics, and anti-Christians to seek Christ? Explore in Lessons from C. S. Lewis an answer, and perhaps be surprised by joy and inspired by Lewis to find your soul, be saved, evangelize others, and grow in Christian discipleship.