Shifting Dunes
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Shifting Dunes

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Felisha Francine Reyes
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After being convicted of an unjustified crime Daniel is sentenced to serve the remainder of his time on a desolate world, the Sunnda Moon. A satellite known for its mystery and its endless sea of sand. This will be his final mission. If successfully completed, Daniel will be a free man.
Annexed into the SAD Division, he searches for a wrecked spacecraft. Without his knowledge- or the knowledge of his superiors- Daniel realizes his connection. When it was the infamous Sloan Cox, the interstellar felon and his ex brother-in-law who left Daniel the decision whether he would choose to forget it or expose the ISDA from a great secret. When a covert occurrence is to blame for the death of Daniels sister, Maxine, the only family either of them had left.

Daniel must now face the truth, tied down by his own crime and his intangible regret, October. Who he was encouraged to leave behind in order to save from the same fate. Haunted by her, and by the loss of his sister, too, Daniel must fight for survival.

Escape tyranny by escaping home. Chase the sand in search of a second chance, a dream, a freedom, and a secret.