Becka Defined
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Becka Defined

A Child of God
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Ann Szasz
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Becka Defined: A Child of God reveals how a physician, Dr. Becka Aldridge, undergoes a journey that unveils the deeply buried truths and uncomfortable realities that have shaped her life. When a young victim of assault receives her care, Beckas memorieslong locked awayemerge in unexpected and painful ways. Gradually, she comes to see that she must acknowledge the hurts in her history if she is to enjoy healing in her future.Becka believes God has turned His back on her, and she turns away from Him in response. But, as the novels story unfolds, she discovers that her posture toward God does not embody the final word in their relationship.
Ann Szasz, the author of Becka Defined, has drawn upon the reservoirs of experience she has filled during her career as a registered nurse working in various fields to create the realistic and grounded world of the novels titular character. At the same time, she draws upon the wealth of traditions in the Christian faith to anchor Beckas experiences.