Boys, Bears, and Bubblegum
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Boys, Bears, and Bubblegum

A Collection of Stories and Poems
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Carolyn Madero
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While facing embarrassing classroom situations, and unusual troubles of all kinds, the boys featured in these stories and verses do their very best.
Michael Shelley Van Fleet is about to introduce his pet cockatiel to his class during show-and-tell, and he is very nervous. But what will he do when his nameand many other wordscome out sounding all wrong? When Robbie visits his uncle Fred, the famous hunter talks about all the animals hes seen. Robbie then falls asleepand dreams that hes a bear being hunted! Can he escape? Nathan must go with his dad when he travels for business. Its Nathans first time in a hotel, and it turns out to be more of an adventure than he imagined.

Aimed at young readers, this collection of stories and poems tells tales of boys dealing with and overcoming difficulties and learning lessons along the way.