Defying Destiny
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Defying Destiny

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John H. Egbers
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Stewart Fletcher is a restless young Englishman who desperately wants to become a part of the new technological advancements that are emerging with the turn of the century. With an intense ardor, he rebels against a life in which he will never find satisfaction or contentment and escapes prosecution by entering the United States illegally after a confrontation with a member of the elite British twentieth century society.
After his determination, vision, and a fair dose of good luck allow him to successfully enter the exciting automobile market stimulated by geniuses like Henry Ford and Ransom Olds, Stewart quickly attains success and wealth. But just as he thinks all is well, he must face a business and personal crisis triggered by venture capitalists and a failed marriage to a talented Irish maiden. But will he be able to defy destiny again after he drastically changes his lifes course with his childhood sweetheart in a renovated carriage house near the Delaware River?

In this historical novel, a young Englishman who sets out on a determined quest to become part of the motorcars early pioneering years is led to a destiny he never expected.