Divided We Fall
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Divided We Fall

The Secular Vs. the Sacred
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MarieAlena Castle
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A lifelong political activist gives an insiders view of how the political system works so opponents of President Donald Trump can use their knowledge to end the culture war and set a progressive agenda in Divided We Fall.
In the book an updated edition of Culture Wars: The Threat to Your Family and Your Freedom Marie Alena Castle openly challenges the harm done in the name of religion, which she says is at the heart of our culture war.

The book examines how religious extremists elected Trump and takes them to task for not caring who gets hurt as long as their religious ideology or social fantasy that pushes some primal button in their psyche is validated.

Unlike other books critical of the role religion plays in politics, this one reveals how to counter the danger based on the authors long history of political activism. She has a been-there, done-that perspective and knows what works and what doesnt.

Whether youre a believer, atheist, or fall somewhere else on the spiritual spectrum, youll want to learn how religion is changing the political landscape.

This is an engaging, compelling and important book. The public is so unaware how fragile our constitutional rights are. The book reminds me of our military men and women who return to the states as amputees and then speak strongly against intolerance because they understand thats what the fight was all about.
Andrew Dawkins, Minneapolis MN. Attorney, former Minnesota state legislator.

The authors grasp of theology and understanding of its irrelevance to how we live are impressive. This is rare in books about religion, making this a valuable contribution to discussions of the role of religion in public life.
Kirk Buchanan, Yucca Valley CA.
Former Roman Catholic priest.

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