¡Hoy Voy a La Playa!
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¡Hoy Voy a La Playa!

Today I Go to the Beach!
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Anelly A. Schwab Alfaro
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One day a child wakes up and discovers that it is sunny outside. Its time to go to the beach with Mom!
At the beach, they find sea snails and seashells. There are scallops, sand dollars, starfish, crabs, and peoples footprints. The sea contains bubbles and algae that tickles their feet. Many seagulls sit on the sand in the sun, and the wind and waves make a wonderful sound. While at the beach, they can swim and build sandcastles and have all kinds of fun. And then when the sun is setting, its time to leave for home. But maybe they can come back tomorrow!

Written in both Spanish and English, this childrens book describes a day at the beach and introduces young readers to a variety of vocabulary in both languages.