Unexpected Gifts
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Unexpected Gifts

If Something Happens, Would You?
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Katie McAndrews-McNeill
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A small-town girl from Pennsylvania, author Katie McAndrews-McNeill harbored big dreams of working in the fashion world in New York City. After a twisty journey, she achieved that goal, enjoying success as she navigated through her career. Her priorities were dating, dining, fancying fine wines, and living in beautiful apartments in New York and on the Hudson in Hoboken, New Jersey. Life was more idyllic than she could have imagined.All that changed in 2004 when her only and older sister, Susie, was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer and died just fourteen months later. The decisions McAndrews-McNeill made changed her life in the most wonderful and unexpected ways. In Unexpected Gifts, she shares the story of the blessings she received after her sisters passing, deciding to forgo her fashion career to become a nanny for Susies two young daughters.
Unexpected Gifts offers a message for anyone experiencing illness, death, or tragedy. Its about the strength to continue to live while you can, planning for the what ifs, and believing that in great loss can be found amazing, unexpected gifts if you allow yourself the opportunity.