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A Genre Study
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Wain Ewing
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"In the first or second row of this theater, I sit captive with the audience, in a full house. The curtains are drawn; the show, soon to begin. In the interim, as I strum my duocello, the audience of albino ants responds with enthusiasm. I happen to note the thick flat pick with which I have been playing. When was it I made a pick like that before?"Prose poetry is sometimes thought of as a short form, limited in extent to no more than a page or two. In Wain Ewing's Plot, an effort has been made to expand the reach of the prose poem by bridging the written and the visual. Based on a dream journal, this is a creative, experimental novella featuring prose poetry and author drawings. Segments portray the power of simple observation that gives meaning to the mundane. Sometimes the words read like stream of consciousness. Tone ranges from literary to absurd, surreal to visionary.Ewing's storytelling is imaginative and fresh, not afraid of challenging literary convention. His is a creative journey, and you are invited to join.