Daisy-Sue and Her Magical Spots
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Daisy-Sue and Her Magical Spots

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Mary E. Jucius
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What would you do if you woke up one morning to discover that you had magical powers? Would you use the magical powers for yourself, or would you help those around you and share your powers with kindness and with caring?

Daisy-Sue and Her Magical Spots is a heartwarming childrens book about a fawn who discovers that she has magical spots on her back. Parents and children alike should relish in this creative story of sharing and caring, as Daisy-Sue and her woodland friends care for each other in times of need. The villain, Larry Lumberjack, will need to decide whether he can take the risk of also being kind, while Jack Frost helps children become more aware of the process of leaves changing their colors in autumn.

Did you know that a fawn can have magical spots? To find out more, join Daisy-Sue and her friends as they journey through the forest together to help each other with kindness and with caring.